Siti Nurul'ain Hamdan

Senior Financial Advisor


Siti Nurul'ain Hamdan, Senior Financial Advisor

BA in Sociology (SUNY, UB)

Ain is known for her friendliness and easy-going character. She has more than 10 years of experience volunteering among the grassroots leaders, engaging with the community, and during those years, Ain saw a need to handle every household financial matter tactfully.

Specializing in family financial planning, especially among young parents, she is currently working towards educating more families about the importance of financial stability.⁠

Customers reviews

Voices of my clients

My agent Ain has been very dedicated towards sharing with me what I’ll be signing up for. She explained to me of the policies and gave me reassurance when I am in doubt. She has also been accommodating to my schedule and always greet me with her cheerful smile. Ain has done a great job and I’m Glad I got her as my agent.
Khairiah Johari
Senior Patient Service Associate
As of the first meet, Ain has shared a lot of useful and relatable knowledge on financial planning. She is really approachable and relatable when sharing stories and life events relating to finance affairs. She also manage to cater to your choice of meeting venues and timing making it easy for her clients to come. Looking forward to working and planning my finances closely with her guidance and advices. Awesome
Faiz Johari
Staff Nurse