Financial Planning is about more than just good advice or investment returns. It’s about providing GUIDANCE that you can trust.

At Ascent Islamic, we bring the pieces together so you don’t have to–helping you grow and protect your wealth. 

Ascent Islamic was established to fulfill a commitment made to our Muslim community in Singapore about giving the best possible advice and solutions with regards to Islamic Financial Planning. With a focus on helping our clients actively manage their financial portfolios, we firmly believe we have honoured that commitment and will continue to do so. 

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reviews about us

Sheikh is a professional at his job. He is well versed in shariah compliant financial products and services. He's also now become a good friend. It's a pleasure to have made his acquaintance. Now i'm his loyal client and friend.

Muhd Taufiq Rashid
I was greeted with knowledge that I never knew that I would gain my whole life with regards to seeking advise in my financial life. It has helped me realised that there is more to just savings and income but to also look out for my own welfare in my health and wealth.
Food Panda Rider
Hashim's confidence and knowledge in Islamic Finance because I was concerned whether certain insurance process are Syariah Compliance.I find it very easy to talk to him. He explains the process and any insurance jargon in a very easy and relatable way
Farreha Jalil
Executive Officer
The consultant who approached me has been very kind and helpful in assisting with my finances as well as cash flow. He carefully planned and advised what is recommended for me.
Hannan Mohd Khair
Interior Designer
Ain clarified my doubts and tailor made the plans according to my needs. With her knowledge and expertise, she will help me to become more financially prepared should anything happens.
Akiff Kasban
Cyber Forensics Officer
She was accommodating enough to look through what I had so far & provided me with insightful advices on the plan I had. I’m amazed by her professionalism in conducting her sessions & though my case was out of norm; she manage to resolve my issues promptly & provided relevant advices on the steps I’d have to take to invest in shariah way. If you have an existing policy which you’re unsure of, do reach out to Maisurah.
Senior Tax Officer
I needed someone to consult on my existing coverage and wanted to know more about Shariah compliant plans. He explained everything to me in detail and made suggestions on what would make most sense based on my requirements and concerns. I'm a satisfied client and would recommend his services. Thanks for the help.
Hilmi Harris
Hafiza has been professional in her dealings with me even though we have known each other prior to her being a financial consultant. She is knowledgeable and always very aware of what my needs are, especially at my age. What’s most important is that, it’s never about any plans that she wants to push forward, but it’s always about fulfilling my needs with her.
Norehda Sold
Senior Teacher