Sheikh Md Said

Senior Financial Advisor

Sheikh Md Said

Sheikh Md Said, Senior Financial Advisor

Said is an integral part of the Ascent Islamic team. He is known for his bubbly and confident personality and always the approachable advisor to both his colleagues and clients. He has ample experience dealing with business owners and he manages a small business at the side in Mens Fashion. Said aims to be a master in different aspects of Financial planning with particular focus on business continuity planning for SMEs.

Customers reviews

Voices of my clients

Said has been a helpful and great financial planner. He helped me plan according to what I need and my financial commitments thus proposing me a good plan to accumulate my wealth for the future. He explained to me thoroughly and making sure that I understand what he's trying to convey. He has answered all my queries with confidence. He is friendly and I can talk to him comfortably.
Muhammad Nazim,
NEA Officer
I have had doubts on certain Islamic Compliance topics and Said has managed to clear my doubts. And since I just started working, I would want to have a proper financial planning mindset so that I can prepare for my future
Muhammad Firdaus
Social Worker