Shahrul Imran

Financial Advisor

Shahrul Imran, Financial Advisor


Shahrul is an aspiring Financial Advisor with a mission to create awareness and education on Shariah-Compliant financial planning for the Muslim Community.

His priority is to understand his clients needs. He strongly believes in building long-lasting relationships with people from all walks of life as it’s all about depth and not width.

Customers reviews

Voices of my clients

“I came down today with an open mind to learn more on financial management and Shahrul cleared all my doubts and queries. He was able to show me certain pathways I can take in terms of long-term financial planning and work out certain savings strategies which is within my financial capabilities. I’m glad to be his client and look forward to working closely with him to manage my financial portfolio.”
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I’ve always been curious about financial planning especially when it involves the term “Shariah Compliance”. Before I met Shahrul, I prepared a few questions involving Islamic finance. I’m glad that Shahrul reached out to me and was able to clarify some of the doubts that I had previously. I can safely say that I have a peace of mind knowing that I have a good friend that is keeping a look out for me financially.
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