Hashim Bafadhal

CEO & Founder

Hashim Bafadhal

Hashim Bafadhal, CEO & Founder

Masters in Islamic Finance Practice (INCEIF)

Hashim has been in the industry for more than 6 years. He founded Ascent Islamic in 2016 with the goal to raise the awareness of Islamic financial planning in our Muslim community in Singapore. Now with a dynamic and ever-growing team with him, Ascent Islamic aims to be the go-to Islamic financial planning for muslims in Singapore.

Customers reviews

Voices of my clients

Hashim's confidence and knowledge in Islamic Finance because I was concerned whether certain insurance process are Syariah Compliance. I find it very easy to talk to him. He explains the process and any insurance jargon in a very easy and relatable way
Farreha Jalil
Executive Officer
The advice provided was bite-sized and customised to my needs. I was also given practical advice on expenses, savings and investments. The consultant was determined and definitely a good communicator.
Amir Yusof