Hanifi Ibrahim

Financial Advisor

Hanifi Ibrahim, Financial Advisor

Certified Islamic Finance Executive(Ethica)

Hanifi Ibrahim is an eccentric individual who believes in serving the community through proper channels, with the right intention. Having working with professionals from various backgrounds and skillsets and being on the ground as an active volunteer, he has developed a driven passion to close the gap between the different income classes in the community.

Customers reviews

Voices of my clients

Hanifi is well-versed and very thorough in his explanations. He makes sure that I understood all the current policies that I have. He took the extra mile to present excel sheets and demographics for better understanding too. He also shares the pros and cons of the all the policies, including the one he’s proposing. Overall, he does really well in his work.
Supervisor Process Engineer
Hanifi is clear in his explanation and has provided in depth information for the policies that I acquired.
Lab technician